Individual Development Program (IDP)

Sycamore Small-Group Training | Total Soccer 
Fridays 6:30-7:30pm at Weller Park | Ages: 2010-2012 & 2006-2009
Cost: $125/player per 6-week session (min 4 players required)

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The goal of the Individual Development Program (IDP) is to give players an extra session per week to work on technical skills based on their individual needs for improvement.

Small-Group Development Program:

Small-Group training is geared towards players who want to work on various technical aspects of their game. We will create your training group (max 1 coach: 10 players). Players sign up for one of several topics: 

  • Ball Mastery: Improve your comfort on the ball with a curriculum focused on dribbling, passing and receiving, ball striking, and ball manipulation
  • Finishing: Improve your ability to finish changes with a curriculum geared towards attacking players who want to improve their ball striking, 1v1s near goal, and a variety of finishing techniques
  • GK: Improve your overall goalkeeping ability with a  curriculum focused on shot stopping, positioning/angles, footwork, and handling
  • SAQ/FPT: Improve your ability to move on and off the ball with a curriculum focused on improving speed, agility, and quickness, as well as functional performance training
  • Total Soccer: Improve your overall game with a curriculum that touches on a little bit of everything - ball mastery, finishing, and SAQ/FPT


Individual Training Program:


Individual training is geared towards players who would like an extra session each week to work with a coach in a 1-on-1 setting on skills specific to the individual player's needs. Training can utilize an existing training curriculum (e.g., Ball Mastery, Finishing, GK, SAQ/FPT, or Total Soccer) or the curriculum can be tailored to the individual by utilizing their team evaluation to determine individual needs for improvement. Players will have an active role in understanding how they can improve technically to help them reach their goals and become a more confident player. In order to make this training more affordable, players can create their own training group (up to 6 players maximum).