Uniform FAQs

What are players required to purchase?
Click here to view the list of all required iteams that must be purchased.

Are Academy players required to purchase all three jerseys?
Yes, Academy players have always purchased three jerseys. Originally, there was a gray third jersey but now the third jersey is black. The three Academy jerseys are white, red, and black.

Why do I need to purchase new items again?
We have switched uniform providers to Puma.

What is the sock sizing? Why is small sock size not showing as an option?
Below is the sock chart to follow. If a small sock does not show up it is because Puma does not offer that sock in a small.

Size Youth/Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
S 2.5-5 4-6.5
M 5.5-8 7-9.5
L 8.5+ 10+


Why are youth and women's size shorts labeled as required? Do I need to purchase both?
You only need to select one of the shorts. Since youth sizes are unisex and then there is a women's cut they are both listed.

Are the goalies required to purchase the goalie jersey?
Goalies are required to purchase a Kings Hammer goalie jersey and kit.

Can I customize my child's uniform?
A name or number can be put on the backpack, training jacket, and training pant.

How do I order my uniform?
Click here to view the uniform ordering instructions.

How do I change my order? Who can I talk to about online ordering problems?
All questions can be directed to marion@soccervillage.com.