Electronic Communication Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) recognizes that the internet, social media, and other electronic communication tools such as text messaging have become prevalent and effective means of personal and professional communication. However, we DO NOT recommend our Coaches and/or Trainers to participate in such communication directly with Kings Hammer Soccer Club Players (U4-U19). This recommendation applies to all Kings Hammer Coaches and/or Trainers regardless of payment status or team level.


Kings Hammer Soccer Club employees are directly prohibited from engaging in social networking with Kings Hammer Soccer Club Players unless using an approved Kings Hammer Soccer Club social networking forum.


Specific Recommended Guidelines


  1. All Coach and/or Trainer communication with players must go through the PlayMetrics system. (Players can be added to their PlayMetrics account to communicate directly with their coach. For directions on how to add the player click here.) In the event that an electronic message or phone call is required, the call should go directly to the parent, not the player.
  2. Personal websites (team and/or player) using the Kings Hammer Soccer Club logo/image/likeness must be approved by the Kings Hammer Board prior to public display.
  3. Assume at all times you are representing Kings Hammer Soccer Club.
  4. If you wouldn’t say it in face-to-face conversation, don’t communicate it via social networking.
  5. Steer clear of engaging in dialogue that is disparaging of Kings Hammer Soccer Club or our competitors.


Any violation of these guidelines could result in a range of consequences, including, but not limited to, suspension or dismissal from Kings Hammer Soccer Club.