Fundraising Policy

Team fundraising projects can play an important role in enabling teams to minimize the cost of tournament travel and/or other team-related events.  Typically, team fundraisers fall into four groups:

  1. Service projects—car washes; forestry projects; the collection of paper, aluminum, scrap iron, and plastic, etc.
  2. Activities involving parents—bake sales, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, etc.
  3. Sales of tickets/coupon books/Buddy Passes, etc.
  4. Sales of commercial products—Popcorn, candy, Christmas trees, mulch, first-aid kits, or light bulbs, etc.

All team fundraising efforts must first be approved by the Board of Directors.   The following Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) policies are designed to protect both the Team and the good reputation of the club:

  • No direct solicitation for team specific sponsorships of outside companies is permitted.
  • The Team is the custodian of all funds and liabilities of the fundraiser.
  • All Teams must submit the Team Fundraising request in writing to the Board of Directors at least one month in advance of the Fundraising activity.
  • Teams cannot do the following:
    • gambling
    • projects that conflict w/ goods or services offered by merchants or partners of KHSC
    • projects that conflict with established dates of KHSC events (tournaments, fundraisers, etc.)
    • projects that injure, damage, or otherwise reflect poorly on the reputation of KHSC; any and all contracts shall be entered into solely in the name of the Team.