Tournament Hotel Policy

Why do we have to stay at certain hotels for two nights?
It has been common practice for many years for clubs hosting tournaments to require clubs applying to their tournaments to stay at selected hotels.  Many clubs have different reasons for doing this however, the main reason is to generate increased revenue for the tournament.  When Kings Hammer SC travels to a tournament such as the OP Invitational, we are obligated (by the rules and policies of the host club) to follow the housing rules and policies.  All applications are contingent on the host tournaments housing rules.  The hosting club (eg. OP) will create policies such as usage of certain hotels and two night minimums.  These are not rules created by Kings Hammer SC.  These are rules created by the hosting club of the tournament.  Kings Hammer SC does not create these tournament policies for the tournaments we go to, however we do have to abide by them.  The only Hotel policy that Kings Hammer SC enforces is that we will follow the rules and policies of each specific tournament.

What happens if we do not follow the Tournament Hotel Policies?
All application acceptances at tournaments that have hotel policies are contingent on use of approved hotels.  If a host club uses a hotel housing service, then the housing service will alert the host club resulting in not being accepted or having the acceptances revoked.  Here is a note that one of our teams received a few years ago when they tried to go outside the hotel process.

“As a condition of acceptance and participation in the 2008 Jefferson Cup all teams booking hotels in the greater Richmond area are required to use Outer Zone Sports, our official hotel reservations company. Any teams that do not comply will be at risk of forfeiting their acceptance. There are no exceptions and none will come from the Richmond Strikers or from Outer Zone Sports. Hotels in the last several days have contacted both Outer Zone and ourselves about teams contacting them directly. Again teams doing so will forfeit their participation in the tournament.”

Tournaments that use in-House Services will ask teams at registration for hotel information.  They will then follow up with hotels. Again, those teams that go outside of policy will not be invited back to the tournament the following year.

Who is in charge of securing the hotel rooms?
The role of the Kings Hammer SC Parent Administrator is to secure rooms on behalf of Kings Hammer SC families within the policies and procedures that are set forth by the host club of the tournament.  At the request of the Directors of Coaching, the Kings Hammer SC Parent Administrator will first seek to place all families attending said tournament together in one hotel.  The number of teams attending any given tournament will determine what hotel is selected.  Some hotels cannot accommodate very large numbers of room requests.  For tournaments where we send a smaller number of teams, we have greater latitude on the number of hotels that can accommodate our room requests. The Kings Hammer SC Parent Administrator will also negotiate extra services such as comped rooms and free breakfast for families.  

Why do we need to give Credit Card information?
This process is not any different than if you were to book your own hotel reservations when you travel on vacation.  Hotels require credit cards to secure a guest room.  They will not charge the card (which is the reason you have to provide a credit card upon registration).  We need to provide the hotels/services with that information.  We have developed a process that is secure.