Travel Reimbursement Policy

It is expected that all Kings Hammer SC personnel, regardless of their financial situation or capabilities, will use the system described below for reimburesement of DoCs and Team Coaches for tournament travel expenses.  All are required to adhere to this policy.

A Travel Reimbursement Form and receipts should be completed and given to the Men's or Women's Executive Director immediately after the travel.  Travel Reimbursement Forms can be found below.

No individual(s) should pay for any expenses of a particular DoC or Team Coach.  The best way for such individuals to help the team is to make an anonymous donation and earmark it for “team travel”.  This eliminates the possibility of perceived favoritism. 

Definition of Travel Expenses

  • Mileage compensation – Mileage compensation is a per mile allowance given to DoCs/Coaches for driving their personal vehicles to and from eligible tournaments.  The mileage reimbursement rate is $.40 (40 cents) per mile traveled to and from the approved tournament.  Additional mileage compensation should be factored for mileage from hotels to fields and back for each game scheduled. Mileage compensation is available for any tournament outside of the CUSL/Greater Cincinnati area. Oxford, Xenia and Dayton shall be considered outside of the CUSL/Greater Cincinnati area for the purpose of tournament travel and therefore requires mileage compensation. Harrison, Middletown, and West Chester are considered inside the CUSL/ Greater Cincinnati area and therefore does not require mileage compensation. 
  • Car Rental - An alternative to the mileage compensation is renting a vehicle.  This option should only be chosen if the value of renting and vehicle (plus fuel charges) is projected to cost less than the value of the DoC/Coach driving their own vehicle.  Election of this alternative would result in full reimbursement to the DoC or coach for the cost to rent a mid-sized vehicle.  Reimbursement will be made to the exact amount of the rental agreement receipt and any fuel costs incurred.  It is the DoC’s and/or team coach’s responsibility to obtain the rental vehicle, the adequate amount of insurance and return the vehicle.  If the DoC/Coach rents a vehicle of greater value than a mid-size option, the Doc/Coach shall not be reimbursed for the difference.  The individual shall only be reimbursed for the value of the Mid-Size option.  If DoC’s and/or Coaches are traveling together, only the individual owning the vehicle or incurring the expense for renting a vehicle shall be reimbursed.
  • Airfare – When a tournament is more than 350 miles from Cincinnati, or when it becomes more cost-effective to fly rather than drive, a coach can opt to travel via air rather than by car, based on the needs of his/her schedule.  Factors to be considered when making these arrangements are cost, travel time to/from the event and departure time limitations based on the DoC’s and/or team coach’s private sector employment.  Also, the Trainer/Coach parking and mileage needs to be taken into account when flying form airports outside of Cincinnati.  Only parking is required to be reimbursed for flights from Cincinnati.  When booking airline travel, Dayton, Columbus, Lexington and Cincinnati should all be considered.  Multi-leg flights are an option within reason.  Most single layover flights are reasonable.  Reimbursement should be made to the exact amount of the airfare at the time of purchase or charged to the team’s credit card, if available. Booking a flight too early and then being declined by a tournament may result in a financial loss to the team.
  • Lodging – Every attempt to procure complimentary rooms for the coaches will be made by the team hotel coordinator/PA.  Coaches could be asked to room with other coaches to limit travel expenses.  Total reimbursement for lodging is comparable with team members’ accommodations.  Reimbursement will be made to the exact amount of the hotel/motel receipt. For any requests regarding league game reimbursement, Executive Directors must approve prior to reservations.
  • Meals – Meal reimbursement is for overnight travel tournaments only.  Meal reimbursement should begin once the coach begins travel to the tournament and cease upon return from the tournament.  For example, for a two-day tournament event, the coach and trainer should be reimbursed for six meals.  All meal expenses must be accompanied by a receipt(s) showing proof of expense with a maximum amount of $35 per day to be reimbursed. This is not per diem and may not be reimbursed without proof of actual expenditure.


Tournament travel to any tournament outside of the CUSL/Greater Cincinnati area. Oxford, Xenia and Dayton shall be considered outside of the CUSL/Greater Cincinnati area for the purpose of tournament travel and therefore requires travel reimbursement.


Any additional reimbursement shall be distributed to the coach or DoC in a timely manner (approximately one week), after the tournament.

Administration of the Policy

This policy shall receive an annual review by the Executive Committee for adjustments and allowance amounts as deemed appropriate (i.e. mileage allowance, meal allowances, etc.).  The Executive Committee may use input from the coaching staff for suggestion regarding changes.  The Executive Committee shall present the review to the Board of Directors for continuance as is or approval of any changes.

  • The Board of Directors shall approve or deny any changes to the policy.
  • The Board of Directors shall communicate any changes to the Executive staff.
  • The Executive staff shall communicate the policy and any changes to the Coaching Staff.
  • Please submit any questions for clarification of the Travel policy to the Executive staff.
  • Any and all travel reimbursement discrepancies or issues shall be communicated in writing to the Executive staff.  The staff will present the discrepancy to the board for approval/ denial.
  • Any violations of the Travel Reimbursement will be handled by the Executive Committee.


  • The DoCs are responsible for communicating all tournament travel coverage plans as soon as tournament plans are developed. 
  • All DoCs/Coaches are strongly encouraged to share rides to and from tournaments.  
  • All DoCs are responsible for ensuring the spirit and integrity of the Travel policy.   
  • Expenses that will not be reimbursed those not in line with the rules, guidelines or spirit of a youth sports organization, as well as, those against the law.  These types of expenses may be, but not limited to:
    • alcohol, smoking, or drug materials
    • traffic or travel violations or fines
    • frequent flier miles, hotel points or other such programs
    • donations
    • spouse or other guest expenses
    • personal expenses
    • in-room expenses (such as in-room pay-per-view movies)

Submit all required documentation to your respective director for approval.

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