Academy (U11-U18 Boys & Girls)

Welcome to the Kings Hammer Soccer Academy Program. Kings Hammer Academy emplys top, highly-certified coaches and trainers in a player-development focused environment that identifies, develops and competes with the best-of-the-best. The Kings Hammer Academy will attract and develop the best soccer athletes in the Tri-State area. The Kings Hammer Academy has experience developing the region's best soccer athletes. We instill a love for the game in our young players and cultivate that passion as each athlete matures. We build pride in our individuals, our teams, and our club. We foster an environment that allows each player to experience the thrill of competition and the challenge of improvement.

The primary goal is to create a highly competitive environment to which level soccer athletes can receive the best local training to improve and then to showcase their talents. We strive to ensure maximum exposure for our players to college coaches. If we can deliver this goal, we will attract and develop the best soccer athletes in the Tri-State area. Players will learn to excel in a pressurized environment, which will take their game to the nest level. We want all of our players to receive the opportunity to play in college as a means to achieve a higher education. We seek that the very best players have the opportunity to play professionally and on US National teams

There are three (3) levels within the KHA Program: Red Teams, Blue Teams and Grey Teams. KHA will use an Academy style format, where each age/gender group has approximately 34-36 players that train and compete together on a weekly basis.