Future Dates

The Blue Chip Showcase Tournament has grown into one of the truly exclusive showcases events. Last year, it attracted over 500 college coaches from throughout the country over the two weekends. Since we stagger the start time of each match, each team’s exposure is enhanced because college coaches can devote their attention to about one half of each match before the next one begins. Thus, a coach does not have to choose which of several matches starting at the same time to observe. Each team plays only one match per day to help ensure quality performance.


Year Women's Event Men's Event
2018 April 13-15 April 20-22
2019 April 12-14 April 26-28


Please address any general questions about entry into the Blue Chip Showcase Tournament to:


Men’s Director
Dave McIver: (859) 509-2894 or dave@kingshammer.com

Women’s Director
Lisa McIver: (214) 223-1295 or lisa@kingshammer.com