Volta Futsal is the exciting new initiative from Kings Hammer Soccer Club where our goal is to provide an opportunity for winter Futsal training and to compete at the highest level locally, regionally, and nationally. Volta Futsal is designed to offer players the highest level futsal training and competition to continue with our focus on providing the best comprehensive player development program in the area.


Info for 2020-2021 Volta Futsal will be announced closer to the start of the season. For questions please reach out to Tony Capurro at tony@kingshammer.com



The Volta Futsal season will be November-January, and teams will train twice a week for 1-hour sessions. We will have U9-U14 boys and girls teams compete in this first year. Due to the overlap in the older players club seasons (U15+) we don’t plan on having competitive teams for those age groups. We can offer a training-only option for those older age groups if there is enough interest. Each age group will have a player pool of 16 players chosen by the tryout process. Each player pool will be split into two teams. These teams will train together but play games as separate teams. *We will offer a training only option for those players who tryout for Volta Futsal but who are not initially selected for the age group pool of 16 players.


If you have any questions, please contact Tony Capurro at tony@kingshammer.com or Dave McIver at dave@kingshammer.com.