What is Volta Futsal?

  • Volta Futsal is the exciting new initiative from Kings Hammer Soccer Club where we aim to provide an opportunity for winter Futsal training and to compete at the highest level locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Volta Futsal is designed to offer players the highest level futsal training and competition to continue with our focus on providing the best comprehensive player development program in the area.

Where does the name “Volta” come from?

  • “Volta” (Italian) is used to describe a point in time that signals the start of a new pattern.
  • Volta Futsal signifies a turning point in the Kings Hammer Soccer Club player development pathway. We are progressing to the next step in the development of the player by providing an elite level of Futsal exposure.

How does Futsal differ from Soccer, and what are some benefits of Futsal?

  • Futsal is its own sport but shares many similarities to Soccer. Futsal is a 5v5 game played on either an indoor or outdoor hard surface court. The ball is weighted to decrease bounces and encourage players to keep the ball on the ground. Futsal courts do not have walls, as an indoor soccer field might have.
  • Futsal helps players develop quicker critical thinking skills by placing them in tight areas and demanding they are always engaged in the play in all phases. The limited space limits the amount of time the players have on the ball and time to make decisions.
  • Improving “Creativity” in tight spaces.
  • Repetition of technique due to the small field size.
  • No walls mean players are required to be in control of their dribbling, passing, and receiving as well as make quick decisions on and off the ball.
  • Provide additional training months at a high level of competition.

Why chose Volta Futsal over other local Futsal clubs?

  • Highest level of Training
    • Professional Staff- Staff trained by US Youth Futsal National Staff
    • A Limited player pool allows for better player/coach ratio
    • Competitive Training Sessions
    • Ability to Scrimmage Similar Age Group Teams
    • In House Play Date Opportunities
  • Facilities
    • Excellent Central Location at NKU
    • Exclusive Home of Volta Futsal
  • Competitive League Competition
  • Local and Regional Tournaments
  • Lower Cost than any Futsal program in the area

How many players will be selected for each team?
Each age group will have a player pool of 16 players chosen by the tryout process. Each player pool will be split into two teams. These teams will train together but play games as separate teams.  If there are additional players in an age group that would like the winter Futsal training, we plan to provide a “training only” option as long as there enough interest.


What age groups are included in Volta Futsal’s first year?
We will have U9-U14 boys and girls teams compete in this first year. Due to the overlap in older players club seasons (U15+) we don’t plan on having competitive teams for those age groups. We can offer a training-only option for those older age groups if there is enough interest.


Where will the training be held?
We have secured an exciting partnership with Northern Kentucky University for the use of their Multi-Activity Court (MAC) and one of their basketball courts. The basketball court is located away from the other courts, which will help create a good learning atmosphere, and has movable Futsal goals for use. The MAC is within its own room, which will be a great location for the players to learn the game of Futsal.


How long is the season?
The season will be November-January, and teams will train twice a week for 1-hour sessions.

What leagues and tournaments will Volta Futsal compete in?
We have some options on leagues and tournaments but are still working the details out. We will be in three tournament events and one league. Below are some options.


Futsal Leagues:

  • Court 4 Sports
  • Cincy Futsal
  • Greater Cincinnati Futsal League (Ginga)

Futsal Tournament Options:

  • KH Futsal Turkeyfest- Black Friday November 29th
  • Cincy Futsal Event- Dec. 20-22
  • Copa Del Sala- January 3-5, 2020
  • Great Lakes Regional Event (Akron, OH)- Jan. 17-20, 2020
  • Midwest Regional Futsal Event (Court 4 Sports)- Feb. 14-17, 2020
  • US Youth Futsal Nat’l Championships (Kansas City, KS)- Feb. 14-17, 2020

NOTE: ***Nat’l Championships are only for teams that qualify


If selected to be on a Volta Futsal team, how much does it cost, and what is included in the cost?
The cost of Volta Futsal is $495.

Cost includes the following:

  • Training- 2x per week for 10 weeks (Nov 11-January)
  • Coach Fees
  • Facility Rental
  • US Youth Futsal Player Card
  • League Fees
  • 3 Tournaments
  • Training Top
  • Player Uniform

Cost does not include:

  • Parking Pass to NKU Parking- $40 yearly pass
  • Teams that advance to US Youth Futsal Nationals- (Roughly $80 per player)
  • Personal Travel for events

Training-only option price TBD


Does Volta Futsal have social media?
Instagram- @VoltaFutsal
Twitter- @VoltaFutsal
Facebook- @VoltaFutsal or  fb.me/VoltaFutsal