ECNL Boys Continues to Add the Best with Six New Clubs for 2022-23 Season

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RICHMOND, Va. (March 22, 2022) – ECNL Boys is excited to announce the addition of six new clubs into Club Competition for the 2022-23 season: Beach FC (VA), Chicago Magic (IL), FC Prime (FL), Kings Hammer (OH), Parkland SC (FL) and United PDX (OR). Beach FC (VA) will join the Mid-Atlantic Conference, Chicago Magic will join the Midwest Conference, FC Prime and Parkland SC will join the Florida Conference, Kings Hammer will join the Ohio Valley Conference, and United PDX will join the Northwest Conference.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming these six clubs into ECNL Boys Club Competition for the upcoming season,” said Jason Kutney, ECNL Boys Commissioner. “Each of these clubs has performed very well in a variety of different youth platforms over the past years, including three that emerged as top performers in ECNL Regional Leagues. These clubs will help ECNL Boys continue our mission to bring together the best clubs in the country, while creating opportunities for players in new locations in the country. The league and its membership have never been stronger.”

Beach FC (VA)
Virginia Beach, VA

Beach FC (VA) was a highly-successful club in the ECNL Boys Regional League and will bring proven quality to the Club Competition. Timed perfectly with the club’s 40th anniversary, Beach FC (VA) becomes the first club from the Virginia Beach market to join the ECNL Boys. With a dedication to skill development, team building and community involvement, Beach FC (VA) is ready to be an “all-in” club.

“Beach FC couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining ECNL Boys,” said Steve Danbusky, Beach FC Executive Director. “Joining the Club Competition has been a goal of ours for a number of years now and we look forward to the new challenges that await us. We are extremely proud of our players, coaching staff, parents and others who have helped us reach this stage and to have the opportunity to represent our community as a whole.”

Chicago Magic
Chicago, IL

Chicago Magic was established in 1989 with the mission to develop the best athletes in the region through expert coaching in an environment where players excel. Throughout the years, Chicago Magic has won numerous state, regional and national titles across all age groups. Now, Chicago Magic will be joining the ECNL Boys to continue its mission of placing its athletes in the best environment possible, presenting new challenges and excellent opportunities for growth.

“The Chicago Magic staff and players are very excited to be a part of ECNL Boys platform,” said Bato Radoncic, Chicago Magic Club Director. “We are looking forward to bringing a high level of soccer talent into the ECNL and to showcasing our teams in front of the many college coaches at national events and league competitions. As an organization, our goal is to provide our players the best possible path to the college and pro levels, and we are looking forward to the great competition ahead of us.”

FC Prime
Sunrise, FL

FC Prime joins ECNL Boys at the Club Competition level after cutting its teeth in the ECNL Boys Regional League – Florida. From its inception, the club’s players and teams competed very well in a variety of competitions, and when players from all of their multiple sites in South Florida were brought together for the first time the quality was superb.

“We are delighted to be joining the ECNL Boys and competing against the top clubs in the country,” said Alan Hough, FC Prime Executive Director. “The league will provide national-level competition and unrivaled collegiate exposure for our boys. Our goal is to unite the elite player in South Florida and showcase the incredible talent we have here. I’ve been part of national leagues for the last 12 years and nothing compares to the opportunities the ECNL provides for players.”

Kings Hammer
Covington, KY

Kings Hammer has a history of success in its boys program, and will be continuing that legacy in ECNL Boys this upcoming season. Drawing in the best athletes in the region, the club has significantly expanded its footprint in Ohio and Kentucky throughout the years, which will make it a premier club for the Ohio Valley Conference. The organization aims to provide soccer and educational opportunities to young players and to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and their lives.

“Kings Hammer Soccer Club is delighted to be accepted into the ECNL Boys platform for the upcoming season,” said Paul Nicholson, Kings Hammer Technical Director. “Our goal as a club is to create a player pathway that provides the best opportunities for all our players. The addition of ECNL Boys aligns perfectly with this goal as we are now able to compete at the highest level in the country with both our boys’ and girls’ teams. We look forward to working with the league and the clubs within it to create a positive environment for everyone involved.”

Parkland SC
Parkland, FL

Founded in 2015, Parkland SC has quickly risen through the ranks of the youth soccer world. Over the past several years Parkland SC has proved itself as one of the best clubs in the ECNL Regional League – Florida. With a vision to provide its top players an environment that challenges them with opportunities to grow, Parkland SC joins the ECNL Boys Club Competition with the desire to develop the person and the player through the creativity, spontaneity, and experimentation that the game of soccer naturally provides.

“Parkland Soccer Club could not be more excited to be joining ECNL,” said Roger Thomas, Director of Club and Coaching Development for Parkland SC. “We believe that joining the ECNL, an incredibly prestigious national league, will have huge advantages and opportunities for our club’s players. The players from our community have an opportunity to compete and develop their talents in an elite, national-level environment, have access to top training opportunities, and unmatched college exposure. I would like to thank our club board, team managers, coaching staff, our parents, and most of all, our players, for sticking with us to make
this success a possibility.”

United PDX
Portland, OR

United PDX has been showcasing Portland’s soccer youth since the mid-80s and will become the first organization from Oregon to join the ECNL Boys Club Competition. With more than 2,700 athletes and nearly 50 licensed coaches throughout the program, United PDX is dedicated to player development, fostering a lifelong love, understanding, passion and appreciation for the game of soccer.

“We’re excited to join ECNL Boys as the platform continues to differentiate the player experience at United PDX,” said Brandon McNeil, United PDX Sporting Director. “To compete against the top competition both regionally and nationally will make for an amazing experience for the top Oregon players across all age groups. College coaches and national scouts are flocking to ECNL League games and flooding the sidelines at National Events, which will assist our player’s along their journey beyond their youth soccer experience. The stacking of meaningful games and big-time events is how every top player aspires to compete.”


About the ECNL:

The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. The ECNL respects and
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Tryout FAQ’s

How do I register for tryouts?
ALL soccer-athletes MUST COMPLETE the tryout registration online before participating in the tryout process. Click here to register now!

*Please make sure that you register online at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that the soccer athlete is in the system and we have your information to notify you after the tryout process.  There is a Registration Steps document on the Tryouts page that will walk you through the process. Each soccer athlete should attend both tryout days if possible. If you are unable to attend both days please reach out to the Program Director listed below.

Birth Years for the 2022/2023 Season
For the 2022/2023 season, Kings Hammer will follow U.S Youth Soccer’s guidelines and will organize its teams by birth year:

*Interested players must register to try out for their birth year.

Can my child play up an age group?
Any player playing up will be at the discretion of their respective director. All players need to register and attend the tryout for their correct age group.

What should I wear/bring to tryouts?
Please come prepared with a fully inflated soccer ball, proper footwear, shin guards, and water. Each prospective soccer-athlete will receive one free Kings Hammer Soccer Club tryout t-shirt with a tryout identification number on the back of the t-shirt.  Each prospective player will be identified by the identification number throughout the process and MUST wear this t-shirt at each tryout session for the 2022/2023 soccer year.

We will not be able to attend tryouts or are new to the area and missed tryouts. Is there a process in place to allow for an alternate tryout?
Yes! If you are not able to attend tryouts or missed the tryout dates, please register and then contact the Director for the Program/Age Group you wish to tryout for so that arrangements can be made. We also hold supplemental tryouts throughout the year. Roster openings may be limited after the initial tryout period.

What are the differences between Academy and Premier?
Our Academy provides a highly competitive environment for higher-level soccer athletes. This program provides those athletes with the best local training offered by our qualified and professional staff. Our Academy teams play at the highest possible level providing showcase opportunities to College, Professional, and National level programs.

The Premier Program is a community-based program. The Premier Program provides the opportunity for players to play other sports or have other interests outside of soccer. This program is designed to be flexible, convenient, and affordable.

Can I try out for multiple programs?
We encourage anyone who wants to tryout for all levels to do so. Current KHSC players can ask their coach/director for guidance if they are unsure about which program to tryout for. You will need to register for each tryout separately.

If I tryout for a program and don’t make it, can I try out for another program?
Yes. If you don’t make an Academy team, we strongly encourage you to tryout for a Premier team, attending tryouts for at least one day.

If you don’t make a Premier team, the Classic Program may be an option. Contact Michelle Okumura ( if you’d like to pursue this option.

Will there be more than one team in each age group?
Yes, when possible, there will be more than one team per age group, per program. It all depends on the number of players at tryouts and their skill level.

If my child doesn’t make the top team, can they move up during the year?
Yes, there may be opportunities to move up throughout the year as long as the coach/director feels it is in the best interest of the player’s development. There may also be opportunities to guest play across all levels.

What can I expect after tryouts?
After tryouts you can expect communication from the club in the form of an email.  (Please double-check that your email is correct in the PlayMetrics system, this is the email we use) This will either be an acceptance email, offering your child a position on a team, or an email letting you know that they should tryout for a different program. Players who are offered positions on a team may also receive a phone call from their coach. All communication will come within 24-48 hours of the end of the last tryout. You will then have 24 hours to either accept or decline your email before your spot is offered to another child.

What are the next steps if my child makes a team?

  1. If you are new to the club, you will receive more information regarding your uniform ordering in your confirmation email.
  2. If you are part of the Academy or Premier Programs, you will receive the link to Demosphere to register your child in the state system in your confirmation email as well.

How long is the season?

  • Academy
    • U11-U14: August-November, January-May (possible post-season in June)
    • U15-U19: November-May
  • Premier
    • U7-U14: August-October, March-May
    • U15-U19: November-December, March-May

My child is in middle school but plays on a U15 team. Will there be a fall U15 program for trapped players?
Yes, we will offer a program for trapped 8th graders for the fall season depending on interest. The program will run from August to October and is open to players that are currently in the 8th grade that will be playing on a U15 team starting in November 2022. Questions please contact:

Academy North: Ryan Handbury |
Academy South Boys: James Thomas |
Academy South Girls: Chris Black |
Academy Bluegrass Boys: Dan Ensley  |
Academy Bluegrass Girls: Megan Adkins |

Can a team come to the club and join as a team?
Yes! The team can join the Classic Program. For more information please reach out to Michelle Okumura at

Who is in charge of hiring coaches?
If you are interested in a coaching opportunity, please fill out the following coaching form –

Program Directors:

Academy North: Ryan Handbury |
Academy South Girls: Chris Black |
Academy South Boys: James Thomas |
Academy Bluegrass Boys: Dan Ensley |
Academy Bluegrass Girls: Megan Adkins |
Premier Xenia: Brent Lewis |
Premier North: Wil Cagle |
Premier Sycamore: Ryan Handbury |
Premier Central: Michael Ratliff |
Premier South: David Shemilt |
Premier Versailles: Brandon Cummons |
Premier Lexington: Fonyam Atanga |