Kings Hammer Announces Executive Directors & Important Organizational Updates

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COVINGTON, KY (July 1st, 2022) – Over the last 3 years, Kings Hammer has grown to offer programs and events across the Midwest Region in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Central KY. In addition to the Midwest Region, Kings Hammer most recently partnered with Murfreesboro Soccer Club in Tennessee. This partnership will provide new opportunities in the the Mid-south region servicing Murfreesboro and Greater Nashville. With the growth and expansion of the club, important organizational updates have been made before the start of the 2022/2023 Season.

Executive Directors have been named for both the Midwest and Mid-south regions to effectively provide support and leadership needed to improve day to day operations management. Kings Hammer is excited to announce Paul Nicholson as the Midwest Executive Director and Serkan Örsan (Coach Turkish) as the Mid-south Executive Director. As Executive Directors, Paul and Serkan will lead their region’s daily operations and will develop strategies and plans that meet the club’s mission and values. They will oversee club structure, staffing, and operations. Having Executive Directors in each region will allow for a more efficient and effective way to operate all soccer programs as well as events in each region.

“I’m extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity. Kings Hammer has been able to build a complete player pathway in this Midwest Region and also offer some of the best tournaments available. Being able to work closely with both divisions is something that I am really looking forward to and I feel honored to work with some of the great staff and leaders here at Kings Hammer,” said Paul Nicholson.

“Kings Hammer has made an immediate impact in the Murfreesboro and Greater Nashville area since we entered into this partnership with MSC. I am excited to be tasked as the Executive Director for this region and have the opportunity to work closely with Paul Nicholson, Dave McIver and the other staff members at Kings Hammer. This structure will provide more support to our players, families and staff. We are building something very special here in Murfreesboro, and we look forward to welcoming teams from outside the region to come and play in our new event series starting fall 2022,” said Serkan Örsan.

In addition, Vince Gentile will be moving out of soccer operations in the current Midwest region. Vince will manage the Girls Academy South Program, helping Chris Black as his ECNL Assistant and will be continuing his role in the USL-W. Bobby Budde will operate as the Facilities Director for the entire Midwest Region and will work alongside Paul and the soccer/event staff on field usage, scheduling, facility/relationship management, equipment, etc. Dave McIver will continue to be the VP of Events for Kings Hammer, providing instruction and support for all Kings Hammer current and future regions relating to events and tournaments.

“Our goal has always been to strive to be the best youth soccer club that we can be while delivering our core values. Kings Hammer has been able to improve and grow based on the leadership and hard work of our employees across all programs and divisions. These new roles will allow us to provide countless players not only the opportunity to play but more importantly develop,” stated Kevin McCloskey, Kings Hammer COO.

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About Kings Hammer

Kings Hammer Soccer Club, founded in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, has become one of the most recognizable youth soccer clubs in the Midwest Region of the United States.

The club provides appropriate training of soccer at every level. Players, coaches, staff, parents contribute directly to the positive environment at Kings Hammer Soccer Club. From developing collegiate, professional, and national team level athletes to providing all players the opportunity to love the game, the development structure services all skill levels.

For more information, visit

Tryout FAQ’s

How do I register for tryouts?
ALL soccer-athletes MUST COMPLETE the tryout registration online before participating in the tryout process. Click here to register now!

*Please make sure that you register online at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that the soccer athlete is in the system and we have your information to notify you after the tryout process.  There is a Registration Steps document on the Tryouts page that will walk you through the process. Each soccer athlete should attend both tryout days if possible. If you are unable to attend both days please reach out to the Program Director listed below.

Birth Years for the 2022/2023 Season
For the 2022/2023 season, Kings Hammer will follow U.S Youth Soccer’s guidelines and will organize its teams by birth year:

*Interested players must register to try out for their birth year.

Can my child play up an age group?
Any player playing up will be at the discretion of their respective director. All players need to register and attend the tryout for their correct age group.

What should I wear/bring to tryouts?
Please come prepared with a fully inflated soccer ball, proper footwear, shin guards, and water. Each prospective soccer-athlete will receive one free Kings Hammer Soccer Club tryout t-shirt with a tryout identification number on the back of the t-shirt.  Each prospective player will be identified by the identification number throughout the process and MUST wear this t-shirt at each tryout session for the 2022/2023 soccer year.

We will not be able to attend tryouts or are new to the area and missed tryouts. Is there a process in place to allow for an alternate tryout?
Yes! If you are not able to attend tryouts or missed the tryout dates, please register and then contact the Director for the Program/Age Group you wish to tryout for so that arrangements can be made. We also hold supplemental tryouts throughout the year. Roster openings may be limited after the initial tryout period.

What are the differences between Academy and Premier?
Our Academy provides a highly competitive environment for higher-level soccer athletes. This program provides those athletes with the best local training offered by our qualified and professional staff. Our Academy teams play at the highest possible level providing showcase opportunities to College, Professional, and National level programs.

The Premier Program is a community-based program. The Premier Program provides the opportunity for players to play other sports or have other interests outside of soccer. This program is designed to be flexible, convenient, and affordable.

Can I try out for multiple programs?
We encourage anyone who wants to tryout for all levels to do so. Current KHSC players can ask their coach/director for guidance if they are unsure about which program to tryout for. You will need to register for each tryout separately.

If I tryout for a program and don’t make it, can I try out for another program?
Yes. If you don’t make an Academy team, we strongly encourage you to tryout for a Premier team, attending tryouts for at least one day.

If you don’t make a Premier team, the Classic Program may be an option. Contact Michelle Okumura ( if you’d like to pursue this option.

Will there be more than one team in each age group?
Yes, when possible, there will be more than one team per age group, per program. It all depends on the number of players at tryouts and their skill level.

If my child doesn’t make the top team, can they move up during the year?
Yes, there may be opportunities to move up throughout the year as long as the coach/director feels it is in the best interest of the player’s development. There may also be opportunities to guest play across all levels.

What can I expect after tryouts?
After tryouts you can expect communication from the club in the form of an email.  (Please double-check that your email is correct in the PlayMetrics system, this is the email we use) This will either be an acceptance email, offering your child a position on a team, or an email letting you know that they should tryout for a different program. Players who are offered positions on a team may also receive a phone call from their coach. All communication will come within 24-48 hours of the end of the last tryout. You will then have 24 hours to either accept or decline your email before your spot is offered to another child.

What are the next steps if my child makes a team?

  1. If you are new to the club, you will receive more information regarding your uniform ordering in your confirmation email.
  2. If you are part of the Academy or Premier Programs, you will receive the link to Demosphere to register your child in the state system in your confirmation email as well.

How long is the season?

  • Academy
    • U11-U14: August-November, January-May (possible post-season in June)
    • U15-U19: November-May
  • Premier
    • U7-U14: August-October, March-May
    • U15-U19: November-December, March-May

My child is in middle school but plays on a U15 team. Will there be a fall U15 program for trapped players?
Yes, we will offer a program for trapped 8th graders for the fall season depending on interest. The program will run from August to October and is open to players that are currently in the 8th grade that will be playing on a U15 team starting in November 2022. Questions please contact:

Academy North: Ryan Handbury |
Academy South Boys: James Thomas |
Academy South Girls: Chris Black |
Academy Bluegrass Boys: Dan Ensley  |
Academy Bluegrass Girls: Megan Adkins |

Can a team come to the club and join as a team?
Yes! The team can join the Classic Program. For more information please reach out to Michelle Okumura at

Who is in charge of hiring coaches?
If you are interested in a coaching opportunity, please fill out the following coaching form –

Program Directors:

Academy North: Ryan Handbury |
Academy South Girls: Chris Black |
Academy South Boys: James Thomas |
Academy Bluegrass Boys: Dan Ensley |
Academy Bluegrass Girls: Megan Adkins |
Premier Xenia: Brent Lewis |
Premier North: Wil Cagle |
Premier Sycamore: Ryan Handbury |
Premier Central: Michael Ratliff |
Premier South: David Shemilt |
Premier Versailles: Brandon Cummons |
Premier Lexington: Fonyam Atanga |