June Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the Kings Hammer June Newsletter 2022! This edition features Supplemental Tryouts, State Cup & Presidents Cup Winners & Finalists, ECNL Girls Playoff Teams, Summer Camps, FC Cincinnati Kings Hammer Family Night, USLW & USL2 Final Home Games, and more! If you have a player, coach, or team to be highlighted in future newsletters, please send photos and stories to info@kingshammer.com.

Supplemental Tryouts – July 13th

Are you or someone you know still looking for a team? Kings Hammer will be holding Supplemental Tryouts on July 13th for the following Premier Programs:

Players attending Supplemental Tryouts must register through PlayMetrics. Please click the links above for tryout locations & to register.

Congratulations to our State Cup & Presidents Cup Winners & Finalists & our ECNL Girls Playoff Teams!

Kentucky President’s Cup

  • Winners:
    • G13U – KHA Bluegrass G09 
    • B16U- KHA South B06 Blue 
    • B18/19U – KHA South B04 Blue 
  • Finalists:
    • G17U – KHC G05 Premier 1 
    • B17U – KHA South B05 Grey 
    • B18/19U – KHA South B04/03 Grey 

Kentucky Soccer Village Cup Semi-Finals

  • G11U Div1– KHA South G11 Red 
  • G11U Div2- KHB G11 Premier 1 & KHA South G11 Grey 
  • B11U Div1- KHA South B11 Red 
  • B11U Div 2- KHA South B11 Blue & KHA South B11 Grey 
  • B12U Div 1 – KHA South B10 Red 
  • B12U Div 2- KHA South B10 Grey & KHC Classic B10 Dozier & KHS B10 Premier 1 

Kentucky State Cup Semi-Finals 

  • G14U – KHA Bluegrass G08 & KHC Classic G08 Zepf 
  • B14U – KHA South B08 Blue & KHA Bluegrass B08 
  • B15U – KHA South B07 Red 
  • B17U – KHA South B05 Red & KHA Bluegrass B05 
  • B18U – KHA South B04 Red  

Ohio State Cup Semi-Finals 

  • G18U – KHA North G04 Red 
  • G19U – KHA North G03 Red 
  • B16U- KHA South B06 Red 

ECNL Girls Playoff Teams

  • KH G05 ECNL NL
  • KH G06 ECNL NL
  • KH G08 ECNL RL

Congratulations to the following teams that advanced to Regionals!

National Championship Series (Regionals in Westfield, IN 06/24-6/29)

  • G14U – KHC Classic G08 Zepf
  • B14U – KHA South B08 Blue
  • B15U KHA South B07 Red
  • G15U KHA North G07 Red
  • B17U – KHA Bluegrass B05
  • G18U – KHA North G03 Red

Presidents Cup (Regionals in St. Louis, MO 06/16-06/20)

  • G13U – KHA Bluegrass G09
  • B16U – KHA South B06 Blue
  • B18U/19U – KHA South B04 Blue

Best of luck to KHA North G04 Red as they have advanced to Nationals in Orlando, Florida July 19th-24th!

Summer Camps Have Begun!

Looking for an opportunity to stay sharp this Summer?

Register today for the Kings Hammer Summer Camp Series! Camps will be offered at our North, Sycamore, Central, South, and Bluegrass locations for boys and girls U4-U15 now through July 28th.

For more information on Summer Camps and to register click here.

FC Cincinnati Kings Hammer Family Night – August 6th

Save the Date! All Kings Hammer friends and families can now take advantage of special Club Partner ticket pricing for:

FC Cincinnati vs Philadelphia Union

Saturday, August 6th – 7:30pm

To purchase tickets, please click here and enter portal password KH22. Deadline to purchase is 7/22. If there is a need to purchase more than 8 tickets, feel free to call Trevor Phillips at (513)977-5423 or email Phillips@fccincinnati.com.

Help Kings Hammer set the youth soccer night club attendance record and purchase your tickets today!

FC Cincinnati’s own Lucho Acosta wants to see you there! Click here to watch the video.

USL-2 & USL-W 

Kings Hammer FC USL League Two and the new USL Women’s League only have a few home games left at the Mustang Athletic Complex at Bishop Brossart High School in Alexandria, Kentucky. The final USL-W home game is tomorrow at 7pm against Racing Louisville. We encourage players, parents, coaches, and staff to attend if you haven’t yet. Also, make sure to come out to the USL-2 game on Friday as they take on Toledo Villa at 7pm. The USL-2 team is currently at the top of the division and will be working hard to stay there!

Click here to view USL Tickets.

June Education: Helping Our Children Navigate Setbacks

I overslept this morning.  The report due to my boss today is missing. My flight home got cancelled.  I didn’t hit my quota this month. The promotion at work went to the other person.  The dishwasher leaked water all over the kitchen.  I wrecked the car last night.  My company announced they are downsizing.

We all suffer setbacks in life.  Some small and easy to manage.  Some large and more life changing. Our children are not immune to setbacks either.

  • Missing the bus
  • Not getting a good score on the math test
  • Not getting invited to THE party
  • Failing the driver’s test

And if they play in a sport, they will likely suffer setbacks there as well…

  • Not having a good practice, or not being able to perform a desired move
  • Missing the game winning shot
  • Losing the big game/race, or not even being in the big game/race
  • Not making the desired team, or not making a team at all

This last one is timely, given many have just left the Tryout/Team Formation portion of the club calendar and our older players are just beginning HS preseason and will be coming up on tryouts for those teams.

So, how do we help them navigate and persevere through the ups-and-downs of soccer.  Note the action is NAVIGATE, not AVOID.  Like us, our children are going to suffer setbacks in their journey, whether we are ready for it or not.  Here are five key actions that may assist you in being ready to successfully manage a setback.

1.STAY CALM– regardless of the situation, be composed, and do not overreact, and remember it is about them not you. Distressed facial expressions, tone of voice and language can make things worse for our child.

2. LISTEN AND EMPHASIZE– allow your child to tell their story. Let them share thoughts and feelings and acknowledge them. Do not diminish their feelings or concerns with “It’s no big deal.” “Don’t worry about it” or other attempts to make them feel better.

3. ENCOURAGE THEM– remind them that this setback does not define them. Who they are is more than this one setback. Congratulate them on their efforts and their willingness to risk failing.

4. FIND LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES– when they are ready, talk with them about what they can learn from this. Encourage them to focus on themselves and discourage BLAMING others (coach, teammates, weather, etc.) for the setback.

  • Focus on process (skills, effort, attitude, etc.) not outcomes (goals, wins, etc.)
  • Focus on mental and emotional approaches to setbacks.
  • How can they reset themselves to allow for success?
  • What future efforts would they like to make?

5. SUGGEST SOMETHING FUN TO DO– it may be beneficial to engage in a fun activity “Do you want to get some ice cream?”“I think your favorite movie is playing now”, “Let’s go get some lunch!” in order to provide an outlet for your child to remove themselves from the negative feelings they are having.

Click here to read the full story.

2022-2023 Event Series Announced

We are excited to host 11 fantastic events in the Cincinnati and Lexington markets and 4 events in the Murfreesboro market! Within our event series, our main goal is to provide a quality event experience for every level of team from all types of clubs and programs. Each event will provide unique event experiences and appropriate levels of competition for all teams at some of the best facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, & Tennessee. Thank you for making our event series some of the best tournaments in the region. We can’t wait to see everyone this year at our Kings Hammer Events! Special thank you to our event sponsors: Nike, Trophy Awards, and PYB Sports!

GK Union Save of the Month

Congratulations to Rohan M from KH Sycamore B10, Sophia W from KHA South G10 Red, & Barrett M from KHA South B03/04 Black for being named the May GK Union Saves of the Month! Did you make an incredible save or a game-saving block? We want to see them! Post your best saves in the Kings Hammer GK Union Facebook group or share on Twitter using the hashtag #KingsHammer. Be sure to share throughout the spring season and YOU could be selected for our Kings Hammer Save of the Month! GK Save of the Month winners will be announced the Friday of the first full week of the following month. Click here to view the May Saves of the Month!

Keeper Wars Ink Event Recap

Kings Hammer and the Kings Hammer GK Union partnered with Keeper Wars Ink to host a National Qualifying event over the weekend of June 18-19. Around 60 Goalkeepers participated in the first annual event representing 10 states across the region. This was the first Keeper Wars event hosted in Kentucky or Ohio.

Keeper Wars CEO and Co-Founder Casey Clark stated, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Kings Hammer to bring our Keeper Wars Ink national platform to the state of Kentucky! The +10 states of keepers that came out to compete at our national qualifying event was amazing to see. It is always exciting to see a new location embrace our unique event and come out and support us like they do. This event doesn’t happen without the support of USYS, Town & Country Sports Complex and of course Kings Hammer! We look forward to building on this annual event for years to come!”

Kings Hammer Director of Goalkeeping Lou Liberatore on what it means to partner on this Keeper Wars event: “I’d like to thank Casey and his team for putting on a great event here in the Greater Cincinnati are for our Kings Hammer GK Union Keepers, other keepers in the area, and in our surrounding region.  It was great to see so many keepers in one place from different local and regional clubs and the quality of competition created for all was fantastic.  Casey and his team did a great job from start to finish and the feedback from our GK Union members has been fantastic!  The interest Casey and his team took in not only hosting a quality event, but getting to know what we do with our Kings Hammer GK Union program by coming to a training session and asking questions about what we are building in the area was excellent.  Thank you again for partnering with us and looking forward to next year!”

1st Place Kings Hammer GKs:

  • Mac Ravenscraft (KHC B13 Premier)
  • Nikola Milisic (KHA South B11 Blue)
  • William Finn (Former KH B09 MLS Next joining FCC Academy in the Fall)
  • Austin Nowak (KH B06 ECRL)
  • Sydney Fredstrom (KHA South G11 Red)
  • Bailee Class (KHC Classic G09 Owen)
  • Madilyn Mitchell (KH G07 ECNL)

2nd Place Kings Hammer GKs:

  • Gabriel Crist (KH B10 ECNL)
  • Kendall McGarvey (KHC G05 Premier 1)

3rd Place Kings Hammer GKs:

  • Riley Johnson (KHA South G12 Red)
  • Miles Mullen (KH B08 ECNL)

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