Premier & Juniors Director of Coaching – Cincinnati

Premier & Juniors Director of Coaching – Cincinnati

Job Description:

The Premier & Juniors Director of coaching is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our soccer programs, ensuring effective player and coach recruitment, efficient operations, and the development of coaches and players. This role requires a dynamic individual with strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills to manage multiple programs and stakeholders. 


Recruitment and Player Management

  • Recruit Coaches: Identify and onboard qualified coaches to meet team requirements.
  • Player Roster Management: Ensure each team has the appropriate number of players.
  • Organize and Conduct Tryouts: Plan and execute tryouts to select players for various teams.
  • Player Recruitment/ID Combines: Organize and conduct player identification and recruitment events.
  • Supplemental Tryouts: Plan and conduct additional tryouts as needed in collaboration with General Managers.

Operations and Program Management

  • Manage Soccer Operations: Oversee planning templates, pay sheets, and other operational tasks.
  • Attend Bi-weekly Operations Meetings: Participate in meetings to coordinate soccer operations.
  • Program Management: Oversee and coordinate multiple programs across various locations.
  • Field Scheduling: Coordinate and manage the field schedule for training and games.
  • Tournament and League Selection: Collaborate with the General Manager to select appropriate tournaments and leagues.
  • Communicate with Program Families and Coaches: Send weekly emails to maintain regular communication.
  • Collaborate with Program Leadership: Work with other leaders to ensure cohesive program management.
  • Camp Organization: Manage and oversee the organization of soccer camps.
  • Classic Program Management: Ensure effective management of the Classic program.

Coach and Player Development

  • Evaluate Coaches and Teams: Regularly assess the performance of coaches and teams to provide constructive feedback.
  • Implement Technical Initiatives: Execute player evaluations, tracking forms, depth charts, and other tasks set by the Technical Director.
  • Attend Bi-monthly Technical Meetings: Participate in technical meetings to discuss coaching strategies.
  • Coach Mentor Program: Implement and manage a mentoring program for coaches.
  • Coach Education: Conduct monthly coaches’ meetings for training and development.
  • Promote Club Curriculum and Game Model: Advocate for and ensure adherence to the club’s curriculum and game model.
  • Participate in Coach Education Workshops: Engage in workshops aimed at enhancing coaching skills.
  • Center of Excellence: Manage and oversee center of excellence programming.
  • Camps: Manage and oversee the program’s camps.
  • Little Lions Outreach Program: Manage and oversee the outreach program for younger players.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with local recreational program leaders, facility managers, and owners.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • C License or equivalent  
  • Minimum or 3 years of experience in a leadership role 
  • Strong organizational and communication skills  
  • Ability to manage multiple programs and locations  
To Apply:

Apply online below, then email a cover letter and a resume along with three professional references to

Please include specific examples of how you have successfully managed soccer programs and developed coaches and players. 

Start Date:
August 2024
Deadline for application:
July 31, 2024
Salary & Benefits:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401K

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