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The best player development experience in the Panama City Beach area.
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Kings Hammer Player Pathway


Introduces players to the game of soccer in a low pressure environment that focuses on individual technical development alongside fun games.

Junior Competitive

Designed to foster and create an environment where players are able to grow, develop and improve as they continue to learn the game.


Designed to serve highly competitive soccer players with advanced skills led by licensed coaches focusing on whole team tactics.
U4 – U9

Local Leagues

U6 – U9

Local/Regional Leagues


Regional/National Leagues

Why Kings Hammer?

Our ultimate goal as a soccer club is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and their lives while helping develop leaders and individuals who will inspire others to do the same.

All soccer club leadership, coaching staff, and players will be guided by our Kings Hammer Core Values: Respect, Leadership, Passion, Integrity and Creativity


Treat each person with dignity and courtesy.


Empower yourself and others to enjoy success on & off the pitch.

Energize, engage, and inspire yourself and others.
Do the right thing. Follow the Golden Rule.
Think outside the box with innovation and imagination.


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Tournaments and Showcases

Every season, Kings Hammer Soccer Club hosts multiple tournaments, showcases and events. Learn more about an event by selecting from the list below.

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