September College Recruiting Newsletter 2023

Welcome to the Kings Hammer September College Recruiting Newsletter! The club is excited to work with you to accomplish all of your player’s goals for this upcoming soccer year, on and off of the soccer field. Each month, we will be providing this resource to help you navigate the craziness that is the college recruiting process. We hope you find value in this newsletter and we are excited to assist in this exciting process for your family!


This month’s College Recruiting Newsletter is going to focus on SportsRecruits. Kings Hammer is using SportsRecruits to make sure you have all the tools necessary to tackle your college recruiting process.  Past Kings Hammer athletes have enjoyed great success in utilizing the tools provided through SportsRecruits to enhance their college recruiting journey. The message below is provided by SportsRecruits as a welcome and initial guide to the platform.  Please read the full message and check out the resources linked throughout.

To get started, you are required to watch the following video: 

It is crucial to have an online presence where college coaches can find you, review your information, and evaluate you as a student-athlete in one place. Whether you are brand new to the platform, or you’ve been using the platform already, below are a ton of helpful resources the SportsRecruits team has shared help you be successful in your recruiting process and make sure you get the most out of the platform.

Complete each challenge below to help you create your profile and get started in the SportsRecruits platform. Keep in mind that your profile is an academic and athletic resume, and each challenge increases your discoverability or exposure to college coaches on the platform.

Challenge 1: Verify & Build Your Profile 
  • The verification process is 3 steps on your “Essentials” tab: 1) Upload a profile picture 2) Add your grad year and 3) Add your position(s)
  • Follow this article on Building Your Student-Athlete Profile and take 10 minutes to add as much academic and athletic info as you can when you first sign in.
  • Initial Kings Hammer accounts are setup using parent emails provided when athletes are registered through Playmetrics. Athletes are encouraged to change the Primary (Athlete) email to their own and add the Parent Email to their account.

– WHY –  Verified athlete profiles receive 2x more profile views from college coaches than athletes not verified.

Challenge 2: Get Video On Your Profile

– WHY – College coaches can filter their Discover Feed by “Video” to show only athletes with video visible on their profile. Without video, college coaches cannot evaluate you as an athlete online..

Challenge 3: Build a List of Schools
  • Find schools using the Advanced School Search to filter schools by division, conference and college major to determine schools that are of interest to you. Click the heart icon to add the school to your Favorites List.
    • The Roster Needs feature gives college coaches the option to publish the positions and academic credentials they are recruiting. You can use the Roster Needs filter to find schools that “Match” your position and grad year
    • You can stay organized by personalizing your favorites list as you start to reach out to these coaches. Building a list of 20-30 schools is a great place to start.

– WHY – College coaches can search for prospective student-athletes using an “Interested in Us” filter to show only athletes who have favorited their school or sent their school a message on the platform.

Challenge 4: Introduce Yourself to College Coaches

– WHY –Reaching out to college coaches is the best way to share your profile and get on their radar. 80% of committed athletes contact at least 10 different schools over the course of their recruiting process. Get started with the schools on your favorites list!

Completing these challenges will set you up for success no matter where you are in the recruiting process, and it’s up to you to put in the work! For more information, you can also learn some best practices in the SportsRecruits 101 Webinar (~25 min), in addition to the free recruiting webinars hosted each month by the SportsRecruits Team. All webinars are scheduled on the following page, and the recordings of previous webinars are at the bottom: SportsRecruits Webinar Landing Page.

The SportsRecruits Team is also available if you have questions from how to sign in or reset your password to how to add something on your profile. You can email or the SportsRecruits Help Center is also a great place with FAQs, how-to videos and more.

College Commitments

  • Rylie Niemeyer – Western Carolina University
  • Lauren Link – Eastern Kentucky University
  • Claire Cress – Morehead State University
  • Piper Farris – East Carolina University
  • McKenzie Carle – Bellarmine University
  • Sarah Deaton – Wittenburg University
  • Maggie Molnar – Taylor University
  • Maria Dilts – Johns Hopkins University
  • Ivy Hoffman – Thomas More University
  • Maddy Ehrhardt – Wilmington College
  • Anna Taylor – Cedarville University
  • Claire Cavacini – Centre College
  • Ella Mann – Centre College

Remember to post your commitment to your Sports Recruits account and send commitment photos to so that you can be recognized for your achievements.

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