Let Them Play and Enjoy The Game

The idea for this month’s topic began with observations from attending some recent league and tournament games.  It was then enhanced by a social media post I saw about letting the kids enjoy themselves in the game, giving the game back to them.  

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As I began to research the topic and put together an outline, I came across more and more posts that captured the spirit of what I thought were foundational pieces of our role as parents and supporters of the young athletes playing within our club.  Maybe the words had already been written for me! I hope these words resonate with each of you as well.

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  • Child’s Experience – remember that this athletic journey is your child’s, not yours.  Allow them to OWN their successes AND failures.  Support them without dictating their path.
  • Team Focus – as much as you love your child, remember it is a TEAM sport.  It’s all about the team, not just your child.  Teach them the value of teamwork and collective success, how to sacrifice ME for WE.  Celebrate their teammates success.  Do not compare.
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via @pureathleteinc on Instagram
  • Embrace Struggle – accept the struggle of team sports.  Embrace the highs and lows.  Help your child understand the value of perseverance and resilience.  Struggles are a part of growth and character building.
  • Navigate, Don’t Plow – Be there for support, not to clear all obstacles.  Allow them to navigate challenges and learn resilience.  Being a snowplow parent denies them the chance to grow.
  • Find Joy in the Journey – Find happiness in the entire sports experience.  Celebrate small victories and lessons learned.  The journey’s highs and lows are equally valuable.  Teach you child to cherish every moment, win or lose.
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