Managing Tryout Season

With tryouts and team formation upon us, there is a great deal of anxiety, stress, and emotions brewing for players, parents, and coaches. Our friends at Soccer Parenting have put together several resources to help all of us address, and hopefully handle this part of the youth soccer landscape with a little more success. You can watch them below. 

Helping Our Kids Handle Tryout Stress

Soccer Parenting interview with Sports Psychologist Dan Abrahams, author of Soccer Tough and Soccer Brain. Click here for the full video or view a clip below.

Navigating Youth Soccer Tryouts

Skye Edy is joined by Dan Abrahams and Jay Howell, women’s head at Randolph-Macon and Executive Director of the Richmond Strikers Soccer Club, for a conversation on tryouts. Click here for the full interview or view a clip below.

Additional Helpful Articles

Soccer Parenting: Soccer Tryouts Stress for Parents and Players

So here were are – right in the middle of the lesson we’ve been wanting to teach our children – the direct opposite lesson that the Finishing the Season trophy taught them…the lesson in REAL COMPETITION. 


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Tips to Help Players Deal With Stress and Emotions of Tryout Season

“It’s a stressful time of year to be a travel soccer player. Here are five big things that can get in players’ when it comes time for tryouts and some advice for how to deal with the stress of youth soccer tryouts!” 

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