Premier PA Handbook

Welcome back for another great year with Kings Hammer! Thank you for volunteering to be the Parent Administrator (PA) for your team. General updates, and information regarding practices, games, and tournaments would not make it to your team efficiently without you.

2023/2024 PA Handbook

This will help guide you through the year and perform your duties more effectively. Kings Hammer teams are either carded in KYSA (Kentucky Youth Soccer Association) or OSA (Ohio Soccer Association). Your state association is determined by the number of kids from each state on your team. Please be aware that some teams are carded in KYSA and play in Ohio Leagues. Please reach out to your director or coach to clarify. Below are lists of contacts that you might find helpful throughout the year:

Directors of Coaching (DoC)

Office Staff

List of Duties

  1. Manage Team PlayMetrics Page, click here to view instructions on how to use PlayMetrics as a Team Manager
    • Add game schedule including location and uniform combination, add final game scores
  2. Submit all team and player paperwork for tournaments, ie. waivers, player cards, roster, coaches concussion, permission to travel. Please visit each tournament website with instructions on paperwork submission. If your tournament uses GotSport please use this link​ for instructions on uploading.
  3. Arrange any hotel travel for teams. Tournaments  may require the use of the specific hotels so refer to the tournament website before booking rooms
  4. Manage Got Soccer account, update game/tournament results. Obtain log in from Director of Coaching. Click here for the Got Soccer help desk.
  5. Assist coach to schedule and reschedule games during the season.
  6. Pay all referee fees for games-Directors will submit number of games to finance department and a check will be mailed to you by the club to the address in PlayMetrics. Return unused referee fees to 50 E. Rivercenter Blvd ste 150, Covington, Ky, 41011
  7. Manage player cards and rosters -sent to you by the club to the address in PlayMetrics.
  8. Update game scores on league website based on league requirements.
  9. Organize one philanthropic event each year (organize food drive i.e. FreeStore Food Bank, sporting equipment drive i.e. Cleats for Kids, or work with local organizations with local needs).
  10. Facilitate Guest players as needed by coach, work with other team managers to secure guest players for the coach.
  11. Assist with Transfer Out/Quit Forms – see in season paperwork.
  12. Send team content (photos, videos, quotes) in to the marketing team.

Note: All league and tournament fees are handled at the club level. Please send any missing payment information to directors.

Start of Season

KH directors will update the rosters in PlayMetrics and add you as an administrator. If you have not already done so, you will need to send everyone a welcome email and ensure they understand your role with the team, examples: scheduling, tournament paperwork, etc…

After all players have accepted their offers, the club will print and laminate all player cards. These cards will be mailed to your address. Player cards need to be at every game as proof of age for each player. For legal reasons players cannot play in games if they do not have a player card.

As a PA you will be required to pass a background check and complete the required training from your state association, due to the handling of personal player information. An email will be sent to you from Player’s Health Protect to complete your training.

Get Familiar with your League

Below is a list of leagues your team may participate in. Please use the links below to get familiar with your league rules for game scheduling, rescheduling, submission of game scores, and guest player rules. If you are unsure of your league please reach out to your coach or director.

Organizing your Electronic Files

You should keep the following electronic files:

  1. Cards and roster-emailed to you by the club
  2. Coach Concussion Training-contact your coach
  3. Medical release forms-emailed to you by the club
  4. Lindsey Law Waivers-emailed to you by the club

In addition, keep any email communications with other team coaches regarding game reschedules, so you can refer to them in case there is a question about a game time, field location, referee assignment, etc.


All players must order uniforms through our provider, Soccer Village. Accessories (backpacks, sweatshirts, spiritwear etc.) are also available to order online through the website. Information was sent to parents via email through PlayMetrics. Please forward the below information as needed. Numbers are assigned by directors and sent directly to Soccer Village.

Please contact with questions regarding uniforms

Kings Hammer Group Codes by Program:

*Please select the correct package when ordering

  • Academy North, Academy South, Central, South – KHSC21
  • Bluegrass – KHB23
  • Sycamore – KHS23
  • Lexington – KHL23
  • Versailles – KHB23
  • Xenia – KHX22

Field Information

Please visit the links below for information regarding all game scheduling policies.

Kings Hammer Lebanon & KHA North – Lebanon YMCA

Kings Hammer Sycamore Grass Fields – Swaim, Weller, Clete McDaniel

Kings Hammer Wilder & KHA Cincinnati South – Pendery Park

Kings Hammer Wilder & KHA Cincinnati South – Town & Country

Clearcreek Grass Fields

  • Clearcreek Grass Fields (TPL/CPL/KPL/OSSL games ONLY)
  • For Pre-Season Scheduling, Use the field links (7v7, 9v9, 11v11) to schedule games.
  • For scheduling after the Pre-Season window, use the Add/Remove Request Form.
  • KH Classic teams will be billed for field use and referee assigning.

Kings Hammer Turf Fields ·

For Academy Teams Only

Area turf resources assigned per OSSL, KPL, GLC, and E64 team locations.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor confirming each game location and time.  The team coach or parent administrator is responsible for communicating game details with the opposing team or league representative.
  • If a game is cancelled for any reason (outside of a weather cancellation), the coach or administrator must send an email notification to the email address you received the game confirmation from at least 7 days prior to the scheduled game date.  Failure to do so may result in the coach being charged ref fees for the game.  Please review your league rules on cancellations and reschedules, as well.

Weekend Field Hotline

The field hotline covers Friday, Saturday & Sunday GRASS game field statuses for North, South, Union, Wilder, and Sycamore fields managed by Kings Hammer.  Turf field cancellations AND ALL weekday practice cancellations will be communicated to team coaches through the Facilities Director, Directors of Coaching and PlayMetrics.

Kings Hammer Field Hotline:  1-866-899-3441

Referee Fees

For all programs, the DoC will contact the PA requesting league game info. Afterwards, you will receive a check in the mail to cover referee fees. Divide these up into envelopes listing the game time, number, and date so you can hand them to the center referee for each game. Amounts are below:

C = Center Ref
C2 = Center Ref in 2 Ref System
AR1 = Assistant Ref 1
AR2 = Assistant Ref 2

Buckeye Referee Fees
U11-U12 $28-28 (C1-C2)
U11-U12 $23-18-18 (C-AR1-AR2)
U13–U14 $26-21-21 (C-AR1-AR2)
U15-U16 $29-24-24 (C-AR1-AR2)
U17-U19 $32-27-27 (C-AR1-AR2)

CPL/TPL/MVYSA Referee Fees
U9/U10 $19-14-14 (C-AR1-AR2) – MVYSA one center referee $22
U11/U12 $23-18-18 (C-AR1-AR2)
U13/U14 $26-21-21 (C-AR1-AR2)
U15/U16 $29-24-24 (C-AR1-AR2)
U17+ $32-27-27 (C-AR1-AR2)

In Season Paperwork – Ohio

  • Permission to Travel for Ohio Teams
    • Fill out the Travel Permit Form only if they travel out of the Ohio South area for tournament play. This will come back to you instantly with approval.
    • Ohio Permission to Travel
  • Transfer/Quit for Ohio Teams
    • A Transfer Form, signed by Kathy Mercurio, is needed if a player decides to quit soccer or leave your team and play for another team/club during the season. Please contact regarding cards. DO NOT GIVE THE PARENT OR PLAYER THEIR PLAYER CARD!
    • Submit the player card to: Kathy Mercurio, 50 E. Rivercenter Blvd., Suite 150, Covington, KY, 41011
    • Transfer Form: Ohio Transfer Form
    • Volunteer Quit Form: Ohio Quit Form

In Season Paperwork – Kentucky

  • Permission to Travel for Kentucky
    • For teams traveling to out-of-state tournaments. This is an online process in Demosphere to be completed by the team manager/coach. Please note that the individual completing the form can print/download the form during the registration process.  It is important to complete the registration after printing/downloading the form. Click here for the instructions.
  • Player Release for Kentucky
    • This form is required for any player wishing to leave their current team.
    • Submit the player card to Kathy Mercurio, 50 E Rivercenter Blvd., Suite 150, Covington, KY 41011.
    • Player Release Form: KY Player Release
    • Please have the parents email to complete this process.

Guest Players

During the season your team may require a guest player. Please obtain names of players from your coach and use the PA spreadsheet below to contact the PA from the team you are borrowing players from. The players are in charge of getting their player cards from their coach to bring with them to your game. For tournament registration please ask the PA from the guest players’ team to send you their cards and forms electronically. For tournaments you will need to fill out a guest player form. Please use the links below for guest player forms.

*If your guest players are not carded with the same state association as your team please reach out to for additional instructions.



  • For players on an official Kentucky Youth Soccer roster guest playing for another Kentucky team.  This is an online process in Demosphere to be completed by the team manager/coach. Please note that the individual completing the form will receive the approved form via email within 48 business hours after the registration process is complete. Click here for the instruction.

Click here to view the PA List

Team Content

We need your help to collect team content including pictures, quotes, and/or videos from games, events/tournaments, training, and big moments. What we are looking for from PA’s to send to the marketing team:

  1. Pictures – List who is in the picture, team name/age group, location and what is happening. Pictures from a camera are always best but it is fine to take photos from a cell phone, just get as close to the action as possible.
  2. Video – If possible, send a video to highlight what is happening.

You can take the photos/videos yourself or collect photos/videos from parents on the team and submit.

How the process will work:

  1. Send photos/videos/quotes to Please include team name when submitting.
  2. We will post the content and highlight the location/team in each social post or on the photo on the appropriate platform
  3. If you have an idea and need help producing the final content, we can help. Please reach out prior to with your ideas.

Have a Question? Send us a message!