Leading the Field: Kings Hammer Joins Forces with SBD Tournaments for Unmatched Event Experience Company

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Covington, KY – In an exciting development for the soccer community nationwide, Kings Hammer Soccer Event Management, a division of Kings Hammer Soccer, LLC and SBD Tournaments are thrilled to announce the formation of a new company. This innovative company marks a significant milestone in the evolution of soccer event management and tournament organization, promising to elevate the experience for players, families, coaches, club directors, and facility partners across the United States.

A Unified Vision for the Future of Soccer

Kings Hammer SBD emerges as a beacon of excellence in the soccer industry, dedicated to offering unparalleled event management services and elite competitive opportunities for young athletes at all skill levels. The fusion of Kings Hammer, an esteemed soccer organization and SBD’s renowned event management prowess sets a new standard for soccer events in the country.

Leadership and Expertise at the Helm

The new entity will be spearheaded by a distinguished leadership team, including Chris Peterman, CEO, Kevin McCloskey, President, Kevin Butler, Chief Strategy Officer, from Kings Hammer alongside Brian Simpson, Chief Operating Officer and Brent Paulson, Chief Development Officer, from SBD who will jointly oversee the operational and strategic direction of the new entity. “This partnership represents a transformative step forward in our mission to provide top-tier soccer events that not only showcase talent but also foster community and growth and make an impact for the communities we serve,” said Peterman.

Echoing this sentiment, Brian Simpson and Brent Paulson jointly stated, ” By combining our strengths and understandings of the soccer eco-system, we are poised to offer a superior soccer experience, catering to the nuanced needs of participants, clubs, college coaches, and ensuring each event reflects the highest standards of competitive play. We are excited for the opportunities this collaboration creates.”

Empowering the Soccer Community

The event portfolio will consist of over 40+ events in the United States including the Blue Chip Showcase (Cincinnati, OH), and the Indianapolis College Showcase (Westfield, IN), two of the strongest soccer tournaments in the country. The new company will combine partnerships with some of the best facilities in the country including Warren County Sports Park (Cincinnati, OH), Grand Park (Westfield, IN), Richard Sigel Park (Murfreesboro, TN),and Publix Sports Park (Panama City Beach, FL), among many others.

“Kings Hammer and SBD’s deep understanding of the soccer ecosystem has made them invaluable partners. Their ability to deliver large top-tier events seamlessly fits with our vision at Warren County Sports,” stated Ben Huffman, Director of Sports Enterprises at Warren County Sports. In addition, Matthew Trnian, Director of Grand Park Sports Campus, expressed “Grand Park has hosted exceptional events organized by SBD, showcasing their expertise in delivering top-tier soccer experiences. We are excited about the new company with Kings Hammer, anticipating even greater events that continue to position Grand Park as a premier destination for athletes and fans alike.”

The Evolution of Kings Hammer Soccer, LLC

Amidst the launch of Kings Hammer SBD, Kings Hammer Soccer Organization will continue its dedicated mission of developing individuals on and off the field. “Our commitment to growing people and supporting the soccer community remains unwavering,” affirmed Kevin McCloskey, President of Kings Hammer Soccer, LLC. “The inception of the new entity enhances our ability to impact the sport positively, provide more opportunities for players, coaches and staff to ensure a bright future for soccer enthusiasts everywhere.”

About Kings Hammer Soccer Club

Kings Hammer Soccer Club stands at the forefront of youth soccer development, offering comprehensive programs that emphasize skill acquisition, personal growth, and competitive play. With a focus on holistic development, Kings Hammer remains dedicated to fostering excellence in soccer and life.

For further information, please contact: bpaulson@sbdtournaments.com